5 Fabulous Graphic Design Resources

There are so many graphic design resources out there it can be overwhelming, which isn’t exactly motivating when you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard part for you and rustled up a shortlist of sites, apps and tools with everything from top tips and community support to free-for-use graphics and mock-up services. So, you can scroll and procrastinate just a little bit longer with total validation, as we bring you five of the best graphic design resources to help you make progress on your next project. You’re welcome.

1.Creative Howl: Market your work for free

You know you can do a good job at working to a brief, but finding new clients isn’t always as easy. If you struggle to get the word out there about your work, then Creative Howl will help you market your work and get noticed. It provides inspiration, advice, tutorials and creative tools that every designer needs to market themselves online. 

You’ll also find inspirational articles about everything from Instagram pages that will feature your work and how to create an online portfolio, to selling and marketing your work. Creative Howl is all about sharing knowledge and experience to give artists and designers a platform to showcase their work. At Artwork Bazaar we’re all about putting the artist front and centre so it’s definitely a concept we can get behind. A great find for anyone who wants to get their work seen.

2. Pexels: Free creative photography

As much as you’d like to provide all your own photography, sometimes tight deadlines mean this isn’t always realistic. Fortunately, there are a number of stock photo banks online, allowing graphic designers and artists to find imagery for free – saving some of that precious time we’re all searching for more of. One such website graphic designers should absolutely  take advantage of is the very beautiful photography available on Pexels

This fabulous photo and video library offers a beautiful collection of images that are free to use and edit as you wish. When you use a photo or video, you can credit the photographer, donate, tweet or follow to show your appreciation; while attribution is not required, it’s gratefully received by the photographers. 

Thanks to its huge choice of vibrant and inspirational images, Pexels is a one-stop shop for graphic design imagery on a tight time budget.

3. Esko: Showcase your designs in 3D

You can already create 3D visuals on Photoshop, but this software takes your skills to the next level. Most importantly, it saves so much time and time is money, right? Esko is an amazing resource for designers and brand owners alike with everything you need to design packaging elements whether that’s labels and boxes or signage and display stands. 

The company behind the genius ArtPro+ provides management to help you through the whole packaging process, as well as artwork creation, structural design, 3D visualization, plate making, printing, sample making and digital finishing. If you’re designing the packaging yourself, then you really can’t do better than Esko software, which will provide you with amazing 3D visualization graphics. 

This tool is a fabulous and fast way to get products visualised and approved by clients before the mock up stage. They can also provide mock ups of your packaging for final approval and printing services for the final products. Everything you need to save time and money and raise productivity – it’s a win-win!

4. MyFonts: Finding the right font

Who’d have thought finding the right font for a project would be such a long and frustrating process? And even worse, once you’ve found that primary header font, it’s very likely that you have to start the whole process again for your secondary font – and make sure the two work in harmony with one another… nightmare. Fortunately, MyFonts has such a vast collection of beautiful fonts with over 130,000 ways to write the alphabet. They also display them in easily scrollable format that includes easy-use filters. Even better you can type in your own text and preview the font while you browse. Seen a font you love and would like to replicate – but don’t know its name? MyFonts has you covered with their font identification tool WhatTheFont, where you can upload an image and it will tell you what font it is.

5. Creative Market: Everything you need

A graphic designer’s needs are vast – we know that for sure. With fonts, imagery, web design and other graphics all part of the job, it can be time consuming just finding the things you need to begin a project – let alone the project itself. How good would it be to find a platform which contained everything you need as a graphic designer? Enter Creative Market

Abundant with everything you might need to fulfil a brief as a graphic designer, this online resource hassuch a high standard of design you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Time to get cracking

So there you have it, five top-notch resources to help you save time and up your efficiency levels as a graphic designer – keeping your client happy and you that bit more organised. 

Looking for more tips on graphic design? 

We’ve got plenty of advice on self-branding, time-management and even how to become a graphic designer for film and TV – using our very own platform as a springboard for success.

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