6 Designer Coworking Spaces around the World

Your job is to inspire people with your design or filmmaking, but that doesn’t mean you’re always inspired. As a creative you’re likely a product of your environment and the plain walls of an office or hotel room is more likely to stomp out your creative fire than stoke it.

The good news is that as the self-employed demographic is ever edging upwards, the number of coworking spaces has grown significantly. In fact, there are now more than 13,800 coworking spaces worldwide. Even better, as competition increases they are working harder to create enticing creative work environments. Down with staying cooped up in your hotel room. It’s time to kick those slippers off and actually put some clothes on today – here are six dreamy designer coworking spaces located in cultural cities around the world. So you can get more work done in style on your next work trip.

1. London: Soho Works

Shoreditch is the creative hub of London’s East End and nestled amid the unique bars and markets of Brick Lane and inspired graffiti there’s also Soho Works, a coworking arm of members’ club Soho House. The ideal spot to get your head down, the space was created for ‘people that appreciate Soho House’s design, functionality, friendly service and attention to detail,’ says creative director Tanya Wood.

Open 24/7, the 16,000 square feet of space has all of the basics you would expect but also includes photo studios, screening rooms, workshops and 3D printing – perfect for graphic designers. The vintage and contemporary designs will also keep you feeling both comfortable and inspired. There’s also a roof terrace and all-day cafe for those ‘mind block’ moments that only a good view and a cuppa can fix.

2. Cannes: ATWORK

Ah, Cannes. A glamourous city known for its association with the rich and famous and, of course, the Cannes Film Festival. Whether you’re stopping by on your annual trip to the festival or just passing through on your travels, ATWORK is the ideal coworking space for designers.

A great spot to find inspiration if you don’t quite have the budget for a luxury hotel with stunning views. ATWORK is located near the Botanical Gardens and includes private work rooms, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces. You can also enjoy some treats at their tearoom Fleur et Chloé.

3. Hollywood: Neuehouse

As the Happy Man in Pretty Woman put it, Hollywood is the land of dreams. When you find yourself in LA on the job (it happens), why not spoil yourself to a spot of coworking at NeueHouse Hollywood. If you love refurbished or vintage design then you’ll love this space. The seven-story space is an old landmarked 1938 CBS Radio building.

As you step inside, you’ll be transported back to the old days of Hollywood. The repurposed old sound stages are draped with Berber textiles and rugs.  There’s also North African decorative elements with custom lighting and ottomans plus pillows. There really is no better space to find inspiration for your next grand design. Say it, Happy Man: “Some dreams come true, some don’t – but keep on dreamin”.

4. Manhattan, New York: NeueHouse

Home to the Chrysler Building, Broadway and Times Square, Midtown Manhattan is not short of iconic destinations and architecture to inspire. However, with some of the highest retail rents and the country’s largest media centre, it can be difficult for creative freelancers on the move to find spaces to put in solid work.

Not all is lost though – the ritzy five-floor NeueHouse in Manhattan houses a collective of people from many different artistic backgrounds. In addition to all the usual basics you would expect, there are also in-house production services, art exhibitions and even a screening room.

5. Bali, Indonesia: Hubud

The filming location of producers’ dreams, if you’ve watched Eat Pray Love then you’ll already be dreaming of the chance to escape to this beautiful province. So much so that the idea of getting your head down in such beautiful surroundings may not be quite so appealing.

Well, coworking space Hubud may just change your mind. An instagram-worthy eco-friendly space, it is part office, part island paradise, with its own beach and repurposed bamboo. Self-proclaimed as ‘an epicenter of big ideas in a charming and enchanting village,’ Hubud is the ideal spot for designers to tap into their creativity, revel in the luxury of the island and hit those deadlines.

6. Canada: Crew collective

If Canada’s buzzing film industry is knocking on your door and calling you to ‘Hollywood North,’ then you’re in luck. Head on over to the historical neighbourhood of Old Montreal and not only can you take in the local culture, you can also mix with the creative community and nomad freelancers just like you at Crew Collective. A stunning coworking space that resides in a former Royal Bank from the 1920s.

Local architect Henri Cleinge wanted to create a theme for the 12,000 square foot space that was cohesive but also enabled separate areas to work for all members and visitors. To do this Henri facilitated ‘the flow through transparent and translucent borders, making the most of the original bank teller as a natural partition’. Whatever he did, the open space, modern design elements and historical vibes are likely to get those creative juices flowing on your next trip to Canada.

Creative inspiration, wherever your travels may take you

We hope these dreamy coworking spaces have helped inspire you, whether you’re a frequent traveller, in the throes of planning a business trip or just enjoyed the aspirational scroll as a welcome break. Whatever your pipeline and however looming your deadlines may be, one thing’s for sure – the freelance life definitely doesn’t mean you have to stay hidden behind closed doors.

You can also find out more about us and how to join our artist community in our recent blog ‘What is Artwork Bazaar’.

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