About Us

Welcome to the Artwork Bazaar blog!

This blog is curated by the team behind Artwork Bazaar, a graphic design community and marketplace for film, TV and live events. By this we don’t mean film graphics or animation, we mean all of those little things and props in the background that need artwork:

  • Headed letters, invoices or statements
  • Fake brands for kitchen and bar scenes
  • Bedroom posters that help busy up the walls
  • Fake shop signage and flyers

All of the detail and design elements that make a film or TV scene more authentic and the production team less liable for any overuse of brand endorsement.

Production teams need artwork fast, but there’s little resource

We get work requests in everyday for film and TV predominantly but also live events. Only thing is there are very few artists on hand to take on these urgent jobs and turn them around fast enough. As it stands production teams rely on a very small circle of artists they’ve used before, that aren’t always available. This means that not only do they not get the artwork they need fast, but freelance graphic designers are also missing out on a really great opportunity for an additional revenue. That’s why we created Artwork Bazaar.

Think of it like a stock library in terms of the function of uploading and downloading, but it’s actually way more than that. Our vision was to create a media buying site that puts the artist first. That delivers what buyers need in a way that is convenient, without undermining or undercutting artists. Find out more on the website or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Get started and join the community

If you have brand design experience or just want to give it a try, you can find out how it works or go ahead and submit a request to join the community now. If you are only interested in browsing and buying artwork, you can also register directly on the website.

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