Brighton Launch Event: Designers on the Terrace

To celebrate the launch of Artwork Bazaar and offer support to designers who want more work in film, TV and live events, we’ll be hosting an informal gathering in Brighton on Friday 16th August at 4-6pm.

What to expect

Gathered on the sunny terrace at The Projects, a state-of-the-art co-working space near the sea, we will share some insight for established and aspiring graphic designers on how to get work as a graphic designer in film, TV and live events. And because we’re in the mood to celebrate, the pizza and drinks are on us!

Once everyone is suitably refreshed and acquainted, there will be a short introduction from the owner of Artwork Bazaar, Attila Raczkevy, on what the community and marketplace is all about and how it can help designers get more work. We also hope to bring along some established designers who will be open to sharing their stories and offering advice during the evening.

There will be a range of free drinks and pizza for everyone to enjoy, just get there early if you want a slice!

Who is it for?

The event is primarily for aspiring graphic designers who want more work in film, TV and live events, whether established or brand new to the industry. However, we also welcome producers, researchers and event planners who want to know more about the marketplace or source designers for your next project! We will also be inviting and welcoming graphic designers who are already working in the industry to share their story and offer some advice on how you can get work as a graphic design in film, TV and live events. 

More about the venue

What is this terrace you speak of?

The Projects is an innovative co-working community and serviced office space in a Grade II Listed building on one of Brighton’s oldest streets. When we attended an event recently on their beautiful terrace, we knew it was the perfect space to bring creative minds together.

If you know Brighton well, it’s located right next door to The Walrus and a short walk from the seafront. A convenient location for anyone who wants to continue the evening next door. 

Why Brighton?

Brighton is synonymous with creativity and innovation, so it made sense to start our roadshow of launch events there. If all goes well we will then be announcing further events at cities around the UK! Want an event to run in your city? Get in touch and we will see what we can do. 

Why not make a day of it?

Whether you’re traveling from out of the city or just want to try it out, any attendees of the event can also get a free day trial for the coworking space, just get in touch to get it sorted!

Nab your tickets

Tickets are £5 for non-members and free for existing Artwork Bazaar community members with at least 3 uploads. You can reserve your place on eventbrite or purchased tickets are available through the Facebook Event.

If you’re struggling with funds please do just get in touch and we may be able to subsidise a small number of attendees with exceptional circumstances or, let’s be honest, those swimming in capacity freelance or students living off baked beans.

Limited availability so be quick!


Wondering what it is we actually do? You can also find out more about us in our conveniently titled blog ‘What is Artwork Bazaar?’.

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